A headline is about as far as you need to go to see examples of computer data theft or security breaches. This may have already affected you or someone you know. At IPI we take security very seriously and have implemented extreme measures to prevent unauthorized disclosure, loss, or fraudulent use of IPI confidential data by ensuring that all IPI-issued computers are fully encrypted.

Why is encryption necessary?
A simple user name and password is no longer an obstacle for thieves today. Software is readily available to copy all files from a physically stolen hard drive without having to actually log on to the computer. Even deleted files can be recovered and copied! The best way to combat this is to use ‘whole disk encryption’ which scrambles all data in all files. This is especially important for field personnel who travel with laptops as they are most vulnerable to theft.

IPI has also taken an additional step to ensure that any file being saved to external media such as a USB memory stick will also be encrypted. Any data on the USB memory stick would still be inaccessible by a thief. Beyond laptops and desktop computers, all of our servers are hardware encrypted too!