The report provided by Information Providers, Inc. is a key element for an insurance policy. It is our responsibility to receive, accurately complete and return surveys and audits to our customers on a timely basis. IPI demonstrates our understanding by managing our time service standards.

IPI has dedicated full time management monitoring:

Our time service standards are as follows:

This is a tall order considering our field staff, in total, covers approximately 2,616,380 square miles. Our customers tell us we are doing a good job for them, but they also realize there are instances where we are not able to achieve our goals. Some of the circumstances or conditions that may cause this include: In these cases, progress reports are made available to alert the customer of delays. If questions arise about specific cases, our customer service staff assigned to your account will be happy to provide you with any details you may need.

Time service is always a significant factor for our customers. The report as well as non-productive reports will be completed and sent to the appropriate representative of the customer within the time frame as agreed upon by both parties.