Employment Opportunites
Information Providers, Inc. is seeking part time employees to complete on-site home......Read More
Mobile & Manufactured
Home Surveys
As you know, it's not always this obvious that a mobile or manufactured home can be a problem.....Read More
Your Data Security Is Important
A headline is about as far as you need to go to see examples of computer data theft or security breaches.....Read More
PhotoScope, A New Perspective
IPI is adding PhotoScope (camera on a pole) roof photos to all Observation Reports....Read More
Push Notification emails
Here at IPI we are constantly seeking to improve communication with our customers...Read More
IPI University
Attendance is also open to our IPI Connect customers, offering a robust curriculum—ranging from introductory courses to...Read More
Take A Closer Look!
As a continuing commitment to providing quality and enhancing your knowledge of the risks you write, IPI is adding some details to...Read More
High Value Surveys
This applies to high value surveys using either the XactValue or Marshall-Swift Boeckh...Read More
InBox Enhancements!
Column layout is always a trade-off when composing information on a computer screen. What information is most...Read More
Management Reports
We have published a new report called "Case Handling Detail.” This report allows users and managers to review the...Read More
Underwriter's Corner
IPI is pleased to announce our Underwriter’s Corner, now available within IPI University. This is the advanced...Read More